The cleaning of the equipment in the kitchen is not always a fun job. However, if you always clean it immediately after use, it will be easier. The good cleaning of the kitchen is very important because it is in relation to the hygiene. The freezer, dishwasher, oven or microwave and hob need to be cleaned?

Clean and defrost the freezer

Once in a while, the freezer must be defrosted. This is a good idea because after months of use, there is much ice in the freezer. The more ice, the less space and the more energy the freezer. The cleaning of the freezer does not need a lot of effort. And as usually it only needed to be cleaned once in half a year. Think in advance when removing the freezer so you can empty the freezer before. In winter, you may store the remaining food outside. Then turn the freezer off and remove the loose particles from the freezer. To speed up defrosting, you can put a pan of hot water in the freezer. Make sure you catch the melting ice with towels. Place optionally a tray under the freezer in order to absorb the excess water. If all the ice is gone you can clean the freezer with lukewarm water (with all cleaner). Make sure you miss nothing such as rubbers of the door. To remove the unpleasant odors can also clean the freezer with a small amount of vinegar. If the freezer is completely clean, you can put everything back in and turn on the freezer again.

The dishwasher

Sometimes, the dishwasher after a while no longer smells as fresh as you hope or the dishes are not as clean as before. Perhaps your dishwasher requires to be maintained. First, you should remove all the debris out of the filter, then you remove the filter. You can put vinegar in the filter to neutralize the annoying odors. Rinse it thoroughly with hot water and then put the filter back.

Many people suffer from problems with limescale. Limescale is created due to the water hardness in your area. You can add any additional regeneration salt in your dishwasher in order to prevent limescale. Let your dishwasher further once a month wash while it is empty so that the machine will clean itself for us. For the fragrance you may add a little vinegar to neutralize the smell, but for a fresh scent, you can add a little lemon juice.

The oven or microwave

Every oven or microwave needs to be cleaned. Do the cleaning right after use. First, to clean the microwave, you need to remove the glass plate out and wash them. Take a cloth with cleaner and clean the inside of the oven or microwave. Constantly ensure that you get the device clean immediately so that stains basically has no chance to stick on. The oven is too oily? Then you could use cleaner to dissolve the fat. After brushing the oven or microwave, put a bowl of lemon juice or vinegar in the oven or microwave to prevent it from bad odors.

The hob

If you have an induction stove then you should have the best maintenance for it. The sole plate is hot and is the one you are using often. Often you spill something next to it and you just clean it flush with a simple cloth. With a ceramic or halogen hob, you may withdraw the heat spots. It is therefore important to clean the plate well during cooking. For loose dirt, there are special equipment which are available. These look and work like a putty knife, but are harmless to the plate. Plates may be cleaned both with a cloth and cleaner. For removing grease, you can also use cleaner as well. At a gas stove, you can remove every single part off. Put these in water with soda after a night and then take them off and clean them with a cloth. Make sure all holes in the burners are properly open. The stainless steel can be cleaned with a cloth and everything cleaner. Use a microfiber cloth to polish some persistent. Avoid abrasive sponges. These will soon form scratch on the stainless steel.