Since the discovery of being able to use essential oils for autism, it has changed the lives of families who have a family-member who is suffering from autism. Prior to the use of essential oils, a lot of things have been tried to help with autism. It makes children with autism sleep soundly at night and you can take them shopping with you. When a child has autism, it is almost impossible to have an effective communication with them because they also do not give eye contact. They are living in their own world and it will be very hard to penetrate that. Those who started to use essential oils on their child, it has changed the lives of families. It does not completely eliminate the struggles of having a family member who has autism, but it definitely makes the situation better. Essential oils give a glimmer of hope and will not make people feel restless. If you want to spread the essential in the air you can choose one of the best diffusers for essential oils here.

Here are the essential oils you can count on to help with autism


A lot of parents who use vetiver have said that this can really help with a lot of things. Vetiver can help in calming the mind and at the same time helps with irritability, anger, and even neurotic behavior. To use this oil properly, you have to use a neutral oil like olive oil or coconut oil to dilute it. After diluting, smear it behind the neck of your child coming from the brain stem going down to the spinal cord where the shoulders meet. This essential oil also helps you focus which is only one of its many uses.


Majority of people know that lavender can help in calming and relaxing the nervous system. Lavender has a lot of uses. You can also put a few drops of it to your bathing water before going to bed. For your child to have a good sleep, put lavender oil in the diffuser and leave it on.


This essential oil can help you focus and it is mainly used for calming the mind. It can also promote a higher level of consciousness because it wakes up the limbic system of the brain that is responsible for controlling the mood and instincts of a person. This can be applied topically or use a diffuser so you can inhale it. You can also ingest it, but only take small amounts. The amount you will ingest will depend on your body weight so before doing so, check the reference guide to get the most out of it.


An essential oil that helps in calming and purifying a person because it does its work by waking up the pituitary gland which increases melatonin presence in the brain. This could also mean that it will be good to use this essential oil at night to help you sleep. A lot of people put essential oils in diffusers so that the scent gets released into the air making the room smell fragrant.


It is an essential oil that has a lot of uses that also helps you focus and become relaxed. One of its primary use is relieving pains and aches that a person feels in his or her body. Peppermint is also known to help with high fever, stomach pain, and also migraines. It can be directly applied to the area where you are feeling uncomfortable to lessen the symptoms.

In tune

This essential oil helps in keeping you focused and increases attention span so that a task can be accomplished. You will start to have clearer thoughts and become more alert. Your thought process will become more centered and it is a good remedy that can be applied to your wrists and spine before you therapy starts.


This can be rubbed at the back of your neck, base of the skull, and wrists to keep attention and focus. Children who have autism will really benefit from using this essential oil because they need to stay focused so they can perform tasks properly.

Roman chamomile

This can be applied on the sides of the wrist or at the back of your ears to keep hyperactivity down. This essential oil can also be placed in the diffuser for your child to inhale while he or she is doing a task to maintain their focus.


It is known to get rid of the toxins in the body and can be applied by putting a drop of it at the bottom of each foot.

These essential oils are known to help with autism so if you have been looking for natural ways to help them do everyday tasks essential oils will be a big help to you. Your child will not get easily distracted and have better functionality.