Inflating Pillow or flat: how to choose the pillow?

Is your pillow flat? Is your pillow thick? Your pillow does not suit you? Do you not know how to make a choice between a flat pillow and a blowing pillow?

The thickness of the pad is an essential criterion to consider when selecting a pillow. Here you will learn how to choose the width you need for your pillow, be it classic or ergonomic shape. While inflating pillow or flat pillow?

The blowing pillow

The blowing pillow is the most common form of the pillow, it is thicker and is more comfortable than the flat pillow. It is especially recommended for people who sleep on their side because the pillow will be more in line with your spine. It is also perfect for watching TV or reading in bed. It is often thick 13 to 15 centimeters in the center for standard pillows and 11 to 12 cm for ergonomic pillows.

The pad swelling is often made of memory foam or latex form. These materials will naturally resume their inflated shape for maximum comfort. You should know that the latex pillows are more comfortable and the shape memory foam pillows will in turn firmer.

The flat pillow

The flat pad will be it more advisable to people who like to sleep on your back. It will not cause breakage at the neck in this position but will be less comfortable than before. It is to buy knowing we advise still blowing pillow for comfort. It is recommended to opt for bamboo memory foam pillow.

Choosing the right latex pillow?

How to choose a latex pillow? What are the advantages of a latex pillow?
Latex is a traditional material for lining the mattress, but often we forget that the latex is not exclusively reserved for these products. Indeed, there are latex pillows; they are also more and more!

What are the advantages of latex pillow?

  • A latex pillow is attractive at different levels; it has many advantages over a pillow necessary materials.
  • A latex pillow is blowing pillow
  • Indeed, the latex has swelling properties that make it ideal for people who sleep on their side.
  • A latex pillow is a comfortable pillow
  • The latex is the most suitable material for a pillow. Of the same material as the mattress, properties give it an incomparable softness.
  • A latex pillow is a durable pillow
  • Latex is a rubber derivative so that the pad will keep all its comfort for a long time; we recommend returning regularly for even longer life.
  • A latex pillow is a well-ventilated pillow
  • The latex is often micro-perforated, which will limit the perspiration. It will be much more hygienic than a basic pillow. Do not still forget to wash every week the pillowcase and cover.

A pillow natural or synthetic latex?

You should know that unlike mattresses, latex pillows 100% natural are very rare. On average, a pillow is composed of 20 to 25% of natural latex and 75 to 80% synthetic latex. A quality pillow will go up to 50% natural latex. This is the case for example for the entire pillow range. They apparently use less plastic and are less chemically treated than traditional latex pillows. A pillow 50% natural and 50% synthetic: the guarantee of a durable natural pillow. Find the pillow that suits you the best price? Depending on your choice, we offer you our selection of classical and ergonomic pillows available on 30 to 40% cheaper than a conventional dispenser

What is the lifespan of a pillow? When should I change my pad?

The pad should regularly be modified, on average we recommend changing pillow every two years. The life of your pillow will, of course, depend on your usage, but be aware that pillows will not have the same lifetime as the packing. Latex pillows. The example will retain their much longer than feathers or down properties.

If you have back problems or trouble in the neck, do not hesitate to change your pillow, it is often the source of all your ills. A suitable pad may relieve pain if it matches what you need. We suggest in this case rather an ergonomic pillow.

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