Wall Decals give atmosphere to your home. It makes your home even more personal because you choose a text to suit you, the people in the house or the house itself. It could also just be the finishing touch to a room. A paste a wall sticker is not easy as people thought. It is a job that requires patience, attention and time. It is not something you can do hasty. The result is stunning. Below is an explanation of the types of wall stickers, where you can buy them and how to make them nice and tidy on your wall.

Where can I buy a wall sticker with text?

A wall sticker can be purchased in shops and online shops.
When the wall sticker is delivered to you, you can immediately get to work. There is often an explanation and sometimes a squeegee which you need to rub the sticker.

Which rooms and places in your home?

Wall stickers are suitable for almost every room and place in your home. There are even wall stickers in the toilet, in the garden, even for the stairs! For example, in the kitchen, you can choose a text, which shows that you are fond of coffee, or cooking. For the living room, you can choose a text that gives the room more atmosphere and something tells about the people who live in the house. For the bedroom wall texts are available on love. There is something for everyone.

How do I remove a sticker?

The sticker can be gently pulled apart. When the sticker nevertheless continues to stick to the wall, it is possible to use a hair dryer. The sticker will then be warm so that the glue is softer. If the adhesive is softer, then the sticker can be removed better.

Can I reuse the sticker?

No, that’s not possible. The sticker material is very thin and can be stretched by removing and tearing. It is simply not designed for reuse.

What do I need before I apply the wall sticker?

  • Masking tape
  • Plastic squeegee or anything else which you can rub the sticker with. A squeegee is a tool of hard material which you can rub well the sticker on the wall

How do I apply the wall sticker?

  • Make sure you make the wall sticker on a wall that is flat.
  • Coarse structure paint makes the application difficult
  • Clean the dust on the wall with cloth
  • If you want the text nicely in the middle of the wall of the line, it’s best to measure your wall. So the text is pretty at the central
  • Attach top of the length of the sticker on the wall with tape.
  • Wipe the squeegee over the whole sticker. Make moves to the outside of the sticker
  • Fold the right half of the sticker
  • Make the right-hand side of the backing loosely – with backing is meant the back sheet of the sticker
  • Cut the backing off (note: Only half of the backing, not the entire backing sheet). Make sure all letters are left
  • Press the sticker corners now with the top and bottom against the wall. Rub the sticker with the squeegee. Do this quietly and bit by bit
  • Pull the masking tape along the entire length in the middle
  • Now take the left path remaining backing and press the sticker on the top and bottom smoothly with the squeegee.
  • Make sure all letters are left on the wall
  • Press the sticker corners now with the top and bottom against the wall. Rub the sticker with the squeegee. Do this quietly and bit by bit
  • Now remove the application from the sticker off carefully. Do this bit by bit, because it has to look good. A good technique is to push with two hands against the wall
  • Check whether all the letters are right on the wall. Gently rub over all the letters around

The result

The result is very nice and it gives a wall a little bit extra in terms of atmosphere and coziness. So take the time to apply sticker on the wall for a nice effect. Wall Decals come in all shapes and sizes, Google online and you’ll find them.