In these holiday dates, daddies and mommies many may have raised the possibility of acquiring a travel pack and play. I will bring several ideas about these travel pack and play which is used to go out with babies.

The travel pack and play is a great ally for not monopolize our luggage, which can carry the baby comfortably sleeping in the pack and play. We must consider several aspects when choosing a travel pack and play that suits our needs.

There is a wide range of prices, from 50 euros, the simplest onwards we can find multiple models. Here are some points to consider to succeed in our purchase:

It is best to choose a travel pack and play with 2 levels of height. There are even some 3 heights pack and play. Some incorporate a system to raise the mattress. It is ideal when the baby is very small. Besides this superior height is very advisable, to see and hear easily the small, to have it closer and our back since leaving a baby “at the bottom” of the pack and play, so down, not at all comfortable, and more if we removed several times during the night to be fed.

There are removable pack and plays and folding pack and plays, each chooses the one that suits you, always looking for lightness. I like most folding for ease of use, especially if they are to be used often, and now most systems are pretty straightforward folded. Also, we do not have to worry about additional tools required for assembly or disassembly of the pack and play.

Ideally, choose a pack and play carrying case for traveling as secure as possible and also to preserve when we keep dust or light…

The pack and play should incorporate 2 wheels on each of the legs of one of the ends to make it easier to move or transfer room once it is assembled. Better to just take 2 wheels and 4 or 6 to achieve stability.

There are some models that, when folded, the wheels are out of the holster, which is easier to transport if you also incorporate a handle which goes stretching to roll the pack and play as a small luggage trolley.

It is best that the travel pack and plays incorporate 6 legs instead of 4, 2 of which are located in the middle of the transverse side, for stability and firmness.

Travel pack and plays generally incorporate a very fine mini-cushion that doubles as a sheet. This is not entirely adequate, especially if the baby will often sleep in the travel bassinet. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase separately a thicker mattress, which is also foldable, and more like a normal, comfortable mattress. It is desirable that the walls, at least some of them are grid for proper ventilation.

Notice that the measures are standard, ie, 60×120 centimeters, to serve us the crib clothes we already have.

For the older children, it could be convenient to choose a model that incorporates a small side door. Many models have it on one end, open with zipper and can get themselves into his crib from below.

The travel pack and play can serve later as a normal pack and play. Overlook this fact so that we can save the unnecessary purchase. Therefore, we can look at the floor of the pack and play is really stable and walls are not opaque to see the baby from outside and also to be better ventilated as we said before.

Some models come with accessories such as a mobile or mini-carousel, even with music or nightlight, hoods or net beds… Although these accessories generally fall outside the carrying case, which represent a small bundle more to transport.

I personally find a mini travel bassinet pack and play is not necessary, because when the baby is so small you can use the stroller bassinet own to rest when our bed if you are not used to it. And even with a roll pad, could already sleep in the same big trip pack and play that will serve us for later, without having to pay for an item like a folding travel pack and play that will serve us very rarely.

Finally, make sure that the model follows manufacturing standards, meets safety requirements and incorporate a guarantee.

Now we just wish you … a happy journey!