We spend approximately 8 hours sleeping each day. Therefore, the effectiveness of daily activities depends on the quality of sleep. Whether you are wake up tired or relaxed is mainly due to the properly selected pillow. Painful neck, aching head, twisting the spine – this is just the symptoms of the wrong choice. But what pillow to choose for the optimal sleep? Nowadays, you can choose a pillow from a wide range of shape, size, color on the market. It is all a matter of taste. But the material, the “stuffed” filling, must meet all users’ sleep, health, and general condition. For more about your sleeping buddies, visit www.bedtimefriends.com.

The tip, in short, is to choose a pillow that you need. Do not buy the same pillows for all family members. There are a number of criteria to choose a pillow in term of weight, size, habits, and the characteristics of the body structure.


Signs which indicate that your pillow does not meet your requirement and its effect to our health:

  • If you always put your hand under a pillow or under the head, the pillow may be too small – that is contraindicated for people who snore
  • If there is a feeling of discomfort or muscle distortion, this may be due to high pillows
  • If in the morning, you find symptoms of a sore throat and shoulders, the pillow is too low, and the mattress is too hard.



Pillows which are selected according to your individual characteristics will help a good recovery for the body and a healthy deep sleep. It is recommended to buy a high-quality pillow as it is an investment for years.

With a good upholstery, you do not have to wake up in the middle of the night or morning with a feeling of a headache, back pain or neck pain. The size of the pillow is totally dependent on your preference, as I said earlier. Height, stiffness, and filling are particularly important.


When choosing a pillow, it is necessary to pay attention to the fabric and filling material. You should also pay attention to the seam: a big or small seam. Also, remember to make sure that there are no small holes that can skip filling. Cutting details are very important. Bad yarn, bad seam shorten the life of the pillow. One more important thing to consider is the size of the needle stitches. They should not be too big. Otherwise, the filler will knock out. So, the first rule of thumb when buying pillow is to examine the seams, pull them slightly to ensure the durability.


Depending on the shape of the pillows, they are divided into two categories: classical and orthopedic. Classic pillows are rectangular or square while orthopedic pillows are in the form of rolls or pads grooved head.

About the orthopedic pillows, there are two opinions. Some experts believe that the orthopedic pillows are not suitable for a full night of sleep, but only for a short rest because they are too firm, the shape can not change, and the high and solid edge can cause pain in the neck. Other argue that orthopedic pillows perfectly support the head during sleep and reduce the burden on the neck, so they are recommended for those people who have back problems, especially who has cervical spine problems.

The truth is rather in the middle – it all depends on the quality of the orthopedic pillow. Its medical properties are determined not only by the form, but also the filling material.

What kind of pillows buy – orthopedic or conventional is up to you but in the case of health problems it is better not to experiment, or consult a doctor.


The height of 6 to 16 cm is suitable for most people, although some prefer the height of 10-14 cm. The height of the cushion can be chosen according to the personal taste. It must equal the width of your shoulder.


The choice of pillow stiffness depends on your usual body posture during sleep:

If you prefer sleeping on your side, it is better to buy a hard pillow that provides good support for the head and neck
Do you usually sleep on your back? Then opt for pillows of medium hardness
If you want to sleep on your stomach, you need a soft pillow.




The oldest traditional cushion filler. More than one generation it was bred in every cushion. They have long conquered their place in our beds. But one of the disadvantages of this filler is that it collects dust. These pillows can get insects inside them. And this filler can be a cause of allergy.

Synthetic fillers.

Today, you will find an alternative to conventional excipients. The benefits of science and technology will not draw your attention away from all aspects of human life and also the pillows.

These types of fillers include latex and fiber. Cushions can be made of latex in combination with foam, but these cushions are quite expensive, especially which are used in orthopedic applications. Cushions of this type are easy to wash in the washing machine, and also easy to maintain. The positive properties of these fillers are the ability to keep the shape and provide the warmth. They are anti-allergic and are therefore suitable for children. Pillow made of synthetic fillers are often treated with a special antibacterial compound.


Pillows with wool rarely cause allergies. They are very comfortable and can retain the heat well. For cooling effect, a bamboo pillow may be fine. But they have a huge minus – this material is of short duration. Within a few months, the use of wool strays. And you then need to buy a new pillow.

Buckwheat hulls

If you want to sleep, not only for relax, but also to obtain the effect of improving, the buckwheat husk is definitely your choice. Gentle massage is a way to relieve the pain of the cervical spine. These pillows will save you from insomnia because they have a unique smell. These pillows can be used in aromatherapy. A pillow filled with buckwheat husk absorbs moisture and absorbs the shape of the head.