If you decide to workout at home, you are exactly right! This article tells you all the important points to consider before embarking on this adventure. It will help you make good choices, taking account of your objectives and financial resources.

If you prefer to practice traditional bodybuilding and therefore buy fitness equipment, then read on this article.

On this article, we recommend you one of the best fitness equipment which offers you so many work-out exercises on just fitness equipment – the Power rack.

Here are things you need to have on you power rack, some prices reference and some power rack reviews.



If you really need only buy one thing, it would be a power rack with some discs. Indeed, it is possible to work almost the entire body with a single bar. There are different lengths of bar: 1.20m, 1.55m, 1.75m, 2m. A bar 1.75m or 2m will do in most cases.

For example, the 1.75m bar, diameter 28 mm, weighs about 9kg, supports 160 kg maximum load and costs around 40 Euros.

You can also find bar called “Olympic” that are more comfortable, flexible and less rigid than the other bars. They weigh 20kg, bear a greater load, but only used with the 50mm diameter discs. They are much more expensive than traditional bar. They are for athletes practicing strength training with heavy loads at home.

To buy cast iron discs that come with the bar, care must be taken first to take the diameter corresponding. They can be purchased individually or as more economical complete kits, with the bar and the included disk blocks. There are varying prices depending on the disc purchased.

It can be any metal or protected by a rubber shell very useful if the disc is dropped.

A complete kit consists of a 1.75 m bar, 2 dumbbell 0.38m, 6 stop discs, 20 cast iron discs (28 mm) for a total of 100 Euros will do for most practitioners.

At this good starting point, you can add disks as and measuring your progress with the exercise where you take the heavier, like the squat and dead lift.

Here is the list of exercises that can be achieved with limited equipment (single straight bar):

  • Rowing torso leaning (back, biceps, forearms)
  • Deadlift and its variations (whole body)
  • Squats on a weighted leg discs (thighs and buttocks)
  • Neck or military developed (shoulders, triceps, trapeziums)
  • Rowing standing wide or close grip (shoulders, biceps, trapeziums)
  • Shrug or shrugs (trapezoids)
  • Curls or bicep curls (biceps, forearm)
  • Bar are on the ground (triceps)
  • Labor forearm to the bar (forearm)

It is also possible to perform squats to work the legs, but you have to work with a light load as it will raise the bar to the ground behind your shoulders.

It is therefore useful to have a bar or based trestles that will enter the bar at the right height and the rest at any time, safe.

A bar rests allows for its safe squats exercises because it has adjustable height candles. If you get stuck in the down position, simply put the bar on the candles. It will also be possible to make dips and pushups with this bar rests. It is affordable and cost about 100 Euros.

For easier financially, a cage robust and stable squat cage like Marcy will be considered; it costs about 200 euros. It can also be used for upper body exercises like the bench press or pushups.

If you have more of the right bar of small adjustable dumbbells, you can complete your training with strength exercises below:

  • The slots for dumbbells (thighs)
  • Squats on a weighted leg (thighs)
  • Extensions weighted standing calf (calf)
  • Rowing an arm (back and biceps)
  • Developed sitting with dumbbells (shoulders)
  • Lateral raises, front, leaning forward (shoulders)
  • Curls for biceps (biceps, forearm)
  • Extension above the head and kick-back (triceps)
  • Lateral bending (abdominals, oblique)

There are several types of dumbbells. These should be preferred because it can be adjusted to the load you want it. In the weight room, it is not fun to solve! It has a range of fixed dumbbells ranging from a few kilos to more than 100 times! For the home, there are short bar with stop-disk or locking screws and clamps.

Personally, I prefer the ones with brake discs. But for some risky exercises like pull-over dumbbell which passes just above the face, I use additional rings to properly block the discs because they can yield. A pair of rings cost about 3 Euros.

The weight benches

It is conceivable to train at home without weight bench. We see that we could do anything with the right bar and some records, possibly by completing two adjustable dumbbells. For me, the bar rests is a priority purchase passes before the bench.

The bench is mainly used for training pectorals exercises like the bench on flat or inclined bench, bar or dumbbells. If you cannot buy bench, you can still work the pecs with dips or weighted pumps that can replace these exercises.