What is Pokémon GO? How to play? What can you do now? In this post, we have developed a comprehensive guide explaining the basic, advanced and expert concepts and all the little tricks and secrets hidden in this phenomenon that has gripped the world. Do yourself with all our help!

Start to play

Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game where we have to travel the world capturing Pokémon, training them and fighting in gyms. We have several ways to get Pokémon. The first and most common way is capturing them, but we can also get Pokémon if hatch out eggs based walking. To achieve capture these creatures, we have to move from our surroundings. There are different types of Pokemon, and its appearance will often depend on the zone where we are. The plant type Pokémon are more common in green areas, water type near rivers or the sea, and so on. Also, we will visit the PokéParadas for succulent prizes residing in them: Pokémonedas, Pokéballs or eggs.

The application is completely free and has some minimum requirements very affordable, but there are different items and power – ups that can acquire using microtones and micropayments. There are a lot of items that will increase our abilities, which we will have access as we gain experience and we go up in level. The application has a plug to avoid having to make the mobile: Pokémon GO Plus. This bracelet, like a smartwatch, enables us to perform many of the functions of the game from our wrist.

The tricks and traps are forbidden and dangerous

Finally, there are traps for Pokémon easily from the game ‘s release. Some of them have been detected and corrected by the creators, but the trick to fake GPS to play without leaving home, you can always use. Now, you run the risk of bans by Niantic Labs. At other times it may seem that you have banned, but maybe they have not done so.

Becoming a real trainer

The first steps with Pokémon GO are very simple, but as you progress it gets more interesting. When we get to Level 5 must choose between one of three teams: Impulse, Wisdom or Value. From here we can fight in the gym and get into the game of trying to get all of our team are nearby.


Pokémon training, and staying with the best

In Pokémon GO we can capture more than one copy of each Pokémon, and precisely that is the key to being a great coach. We will choose the best possible copy and then evolve train or to fight him. The game has internally about values IV that are not public, but the leader of our team will help us know how strong each copy using the function value Pokémon.

At the time of train Pokémon, it is also important to consider what the repertoire of attacks that have. Each Pokémon has two attacks (one normal and one special) of a possible repertoire, and there are some better than others. Every time evolves, it will change those attacks.

To evolve and improve our Pokémon come into play two items: First, the Polvoestelar, common to the whole game, which can be achieved in Poképaradas and many ways more. And second, the candies: we have an account for each type of Pokémon, and have several ways to get them: transferring Pokémons teacher, hatching eggs and function with the new partner Pokémon. The more we walk with our partner, we receive more candy ( depends on the Pokémon to join us ).

With these tools, we can follow two paths with each Pokémon

Give more: consists of improving the Pokémon (using candy) to increase your PC. The battle points will increase its capacity in the battlefield.
Evolve involves using candy (the number depends on evolution) for our Pokémon to the next state. You can use our calculator evolutions to know when PC will your Pokémon. If you’re going to evolve Eevee, do not forget your trick.

Tips to fight and win

Logically, the better our Pokémon more likely to win, but aside from the statistics and the combat power that has our exemplary (and we know use it ), there are two factors important to come into play. The first is a system weakness and strengths that exist between the different types of Pokémon, as a kind of system of rock, paper, and scissors. Read here all the strengths and weaknesses of types of Pokémon

The second, that the various attacks Pokémon can be better or worse. The key is not the total damage they do, but the damage per second. Each Pokémon has some possible attacks, but only one of each type (normal and special). Also, attacks are also affected by the system of strengths and weaknesses between types. Your Pokémon can be of a type but have some other attack.


Which are the best Pokémon

The question of the best Pokémon generated considerable debate. First, the best Pokémon will be the most difficult to achieve, no doubt about that. Then, fans have made different lists depending on their statistics and their potential. Thus there is a general list of best Pokémon and other stronger Pokémons divided into its different facets ( resistance, attack, and defense ). There is also a list of strongest by type Pokemon (because it is important to choose a particular type to meet other Pokémon), and finally a list function: These are the best Pokémon to attack gyms, and these are the best to defend them.

Tips for capturing Pokémon

Every time we meet a Pokémon will enter a minigame where you have to throw the Pokéball to capture him. Each Pokémon has internal of catch possibilities with each release statistics and the chance of escape. The more rare and powerful a Pokémon will capture more difficult, but we have help like Raspberry Berry.

If we want to find easily Pokémons, we can use the bait modules, which are fixed to a Poképarada, or use incense to display a Pokémon every five minutes (if we stood), or every 200 meters / 1 minute ( if we are moving).

Finally, it is experimenting with a new radar that will facilitate hunting Pokémon. For more tips on gaming, visit top10bestgames.com