The products which present for infants and children are causing injuries suffered by children daily. Safety guide for children’s products developed by the European Alliance for Security and published by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, intended to inform consumers (and professional) about the risks of different objects we have at home, describing sin interaction of them. It is also an educational document that focuses on the purchase. The information is fully proven and comes from the review of existing literature and data (both in Europe and in non-member states and the United States / Canada).

Regarding the pack and plays (also called playpens), we read that each year in the 28 member states of the EU, causing 760 injuries so severe as to go to the emergency room, in children aged 0 to 4 years. Models with mesh walls are dangerous because of the risk of strangulation if the head were trapped; others have also hinge in the center of the top rails, locking mechanism which automatically closes when opening the pack and play, this has come to cause fatal accidents.

“Folding pack and play can cause bottlenecks and other injuries if accidentally fold when activated involuntarily.” In short, there are a number of things to consider when buying or before using one of these pack and play.

US law already exists (since 2013) and regulates the safety conditions: for example pack and play must not have side rails pointy V-shaped when the pack and play are bent; corners should be reinforced to edit sharp cracks; and the playing surface will be better attached to the structure so that no one is trapped or injured

Before buying

Verifies that is manufactured according to European safety standard EN12227 (on the packaging and usage guide).The pack and play or travel pack and play you buy had better have guardrails to be automatically locked when in normal use position.

Pack and play net must have holes less than seven millimeters, to prevent clothing buttons or small parts, remain engaged. Spaces of the slots should not exceed 6 cm.

Do not use pack and plays that are hinged at the center of the top rails if the hinge is bent toward the bottom to fold the pack and play (inward); so you prevent accidentally bend with the child inside.

Before using

Check that there is no loose part and no holes. Remove large toys, bumper pads, and boxes (serve as scale). It is better for broken at the junction of the mesh to top rails and the base of the pack and play for not forming loose threads that engage. The mattress should fit perfectly pack and play, and you can not add a second mat (there are cases where children have been trapped).

Monitor the existence of holes or cracks in the rails, because if will use biter could swallow a piece and suffocate. Holes in the mesh, arising staples, strings, bows, hinges in the center of the four rails (if you are not automatically locked)… can cause accidents.

Finally: a pack and play (if used) is intended for short uses, not sleeping, do not let the baby sleep inside because it is no place to do it. Personally, I do not like pack and play, and I have never felt the need to use it; although I think if you decide to do one thing better do it well.

So if you decide for a playground for your son, I propose these models:

– Park Wood Osann simple: An economic and simple model, which combines with everything, durable and adjustable.

– Park octagonal games Roba: One of the most popular models, besides being very original is easy to assemble, lightweight, has wheels … a delight.

– Pentagonal Park Baby Dan: What I like about this playground is that it has a door that facilitates the exit of the child and cares for his back step.

– Park Open Sea Chicco Dreams: Although you are usually recommended parks mesh bars which in this case is worth, mounts and fold easily and has some included games.

– MS Innovations Square Park: Ideal for both girls and boys, I love her so tender design and drawing padding.