The essential oil diffusers are usually presented in glass bottles or ecological pet, they are manufactured from essence and the secret is in hemp stalks, rattan or bamboo. Currently, there are many brands that market, but not all made with natural essences.

The essence is achieved based direct distillation plant and this process is slow and expensive. So before you buy one, we suggest you do not be fooled by the price or appearance, many have a lot of alcohol and minimal essence, this is what makes an aroma diffuser that has quality or not , the cheapest you smell a few days and then stop, while higher quality and with a large percentage of pure essence, smell to the last drop.

How does it work?

The essential oil diffuser is an excellent freshener absorption, capillarity is the property you have liquids for access by a thin line against the force of gravity, and is a result of the attractive force exerted by the molecules of the liquid and the tube wall .

For better performance, turn occasionally to the stems, be careful with the furniture as essences can damage delicate surfaces. We recommend that before buying an air freshener or an essential diffuser, see if it is manufactured from pure essences and cl; this is very important, many have attractive packaging and grandiose but inside there is a small amount of liquid.

Useful tips for using essential oil diffuser

One factor that helps maintain a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere during the day, is a clean and pleasant smelling home. For this purpose, the technique generally applied aromatherapy. This article will discuss in detail aromatherapy and the advantages it has.

To apply aromatherapy in our home, we must first have oils that have scents or flavorings. You also need to have the tool that allows us to spread the aroma throughout the house.

First, we have the essential oil diffuser, highly recommended due to the ease of implementation they have.

Specifically, the essential oil diffuser is a bottle that has the aromatic oil and turn wooden staves to take charge of spreading the aroma stay.

This technique is very useful for two reasons. First, as discussed above, they are easy to place in the house and, secondly, we can combine the flavors you want.

In fact, we can apply different essential oil to different areas of the house, and room or lounge aroma.

Another way to spread the aroma of the oils is through a spray. This technique is deficit us. In fact, we can even use the scent you desire at the exact moment we need it.

For example, at a specific time of day we want a scent in the house, there is the ideal solution spray.

The electric diffuser is the most effective tool to spread the scent of oil, because soon spreads the aroma, with surprising ease. The best thing about this is that the smell remains long in the environment.

The weak point of this tool is cost. To purchase an electric diffuser, we must employ enough money, especially during refueling outages that usually own a particular brand, without any possibility of using generic aromas.

If we were to stay with us one of these systems would probably be the Mikado, as it has the perfect balance in terms of quality and price.

How to make a cheap and easy essential oil diffuser

We show you how to make a diffuser for very effective and cheap to make essences.

You can use your favorite scents, and fill your home with its fantastic aroma.

we need:

  1. Some bamboo skewers BBQ. You can use any club you have, always fit the size and shape.
  2. Cotton thread or yarn / fabric which absorb the liquid.
  3. Scissors
  4. cutter knife
  5. Wood glue
  6. A small bowl, jar, jar of jam or whatever you can find

We cut the rods into half, a measure that stand a good piece of glass jar

We glue the sticks, so that the line is attached.

We roll up the cord evenly, and let the glue dry.

Then, pour the essence of smell in the bottle, and we put the sticks.

And that’s all, to enjoy the aroma of our homemade air freshener.