With the arrival of the warm weather, the season begins barbecuing. And we can say that these are the queens of the summer as there are few gardens, picnic areas or farms where not just take this type of gastronomic celebration.


But well, this way of cooking, seemingly simple, it is not so, and it is easy these ribs end up more burned than it was intended or not pull the fire as it should, and we remain raw and undercooked pieces. It is clear that for everything there is to know, and barbecue as tradition would not be less, but as in most things if besides not being very positions in the field, do not have proper materials to carry it out then the failure is assured.

Today I propose before summer arrives, you will equipéis with all the necessary tools to make a good barbecue. Many of them and you will have, but surely you are missing other than a right specialist barbecues believe essential. We started! More camping meal ideas?


The central part of this type of cuisine. Barbecues are many and of different kinds. If you’re not a cook of the usual coals and every time you make a change you like barbecue site, we propose a portable barbecue, small and very manageable. As we have seen this for 159 euros, the Lotus Grill, which also is manufactured in various colors.

If you’re the lucky ones you accounts with a good garden or terrace, decántate a larger and gas, this style barbecue gas grill we found for 519 euros on the website of Amazon model.


One of the most important utensils and that relies heavily on the success of cooking on the grill. As you would want to prepare you, will have to opt for a restaurant of one kind or torque most need. There is something for meat, fish, vegetables, and even to roast artichokes. We found this a great grill with adjustable painted in width by about 70 euros on Amazon.

To leave it as new any better than this brush to get off with her hairs steel and cinder whole fat that has been attached to our grill.


Of many types, the purpose is the same but depends on its shape according to the food you want to manage on the grill. They can be flat and broad, with small holes in the style of this knife we’ve found, and that is specially designed to lift the whole fish without destroying.

If you want something simpler and has a utility, it would be good to start with a model like this, with the low price of 11.70 euros we solve most foods.


Those skilled in the field say that the barbecue can not turn to food with a fork, as this makes the click and lose some of their juices. So it would be good that you should do with a pair of pliers or similar to that of the Weber brand we’ve seen on Amazon for 26 euros curling iron.

Poker and shovel coals

Much to stoke the fire when necessary, to stir the coals and ashes are indispensable when we want to raise the temperature of our barbecue.

Temperature is one of the most essential for success in this type of cuisine factors, so I suggest that you become an instrument like this for about 14 euros, perfect for stir the coals quickly and safely.


No more using pills to light the charcoal of your barbecue, now if you want to be professional decanters for more luminous barbecues like this we have seen for 20 euros and which will have total control of the fire as it is ** from more secure and safe to light your barbecue **. It is also very comfortable because brings integrated always have it handy when you handle your needed.

Marker meat fire

Can you imagine the churrasco take your personal stamp style Wild West? As it is now possible with this set of stamp letters to fire. Presumed before your friends for only 12 euros is simple with this original instrument.

Other accessories BBQ

They are not essential, but they help to work together to achieve a perfect barbecue. As this rotisserie chicken BBQ, ideal if you are tired of always doing the same types of traditional meat. I imagine that chicken and already makes my mouth water.

Or this juicer meat to remove excess fat if you like to cook burgers on the grill.

If you want to unleash the animal you carry inside, then nothing better than these holders claw bear to shred the meat pieces “like beasts”. And to end in a more civilized way, I also recommend this circular saw to cut the Creoles and sausage knife original way.

As you know, many are the perfect instruments to achieve that perfect barbecue this summer. Make yourselves with them and turn into real professionals coals.

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