Many consumers do not pay much attention to the purchase of an iron. In the shop, they often opt

for the first device which is settled and available. To make sure clothing is smooth, a good iron is very

important. New, creative gadgets and useful specifications of the iron present a simple task. We give

you six helpful tips so you too wrinkle-free your laundry and put it in your cabinets in a short time.

Tip 1: First, find an appropriate of iron

The first step in the quest for the ideal iron! This household appliance has four variants: dry iron, steam

iron, steam generator and travel iron. The classic dry iron seems to have had its day. Many consumers

have been switched to the steam technology, which is easier to use and provides the best results. The

travel iron is an excellent solution for those who dwell much abroad and does not have much room for


Tip 2: A good iron for just a few bucks?

The purchase price remains an important factor for consumers. A comforting thought is that you deeply

affecting the pouch need for a good iron of a premium brand. After some searching on the internet or

some stores, you can find a dry iron for only about twenty euros. Most consumers choose the steam iron, which is in

stores for thirty euros. The most expensive option is the versatile steam generator, which you have to

pay fifty euros for the cheapest models. Please note that for more specifications also have to shell out

more money! Decide what you need and choose the one that meet just enought your demands.

Tip 3: Pay attention to the water tank

The water tank is a major part of the iron. It is generated steam that remove the troublesome creases

from your garments. first check how many liters are there in the reservoir can! The more water can

herein, the longer you can iron on. Also another important factor is the content of the steam output: the

harder to prepare the iron, the more water it consumes. With a transparent tank, you can easily see the

amount of water remaining in the unit. Sometimes a light is even attached with the iron to indicate

whether the water level is low.

Tip 4: Look at the amount of steam, steam pressure and steam jet

The amount of steam, steam pressure and shot of steam have an influence on the ironing result. First of

all, the amount of steam is the determining factor, which is expressed in grams per minute. If more

steam is used, then it goes smoother ironing and smoothing is more effective. Then you have some

wrinkles in clothes that are not too smooth road. Therefore, the steam pressure is an important factor,

which you can penetrate deep into the fibers for a smooth result. The higher the vapor pressure

(indicated in bar), the more powerful steam is generated. These can be set in most cases itself. there

really is not a crease out? Then the steam blast is an extra weapon.

Tip 5: Are there useful specifications?

Self-cleaning limescale system, electronic security, drip and iron vertically… Just three examples of

additional options, which may have in an iron. With anti-limescale system, it prevents limescale in the

tank. The iron turns off automatically with the electronic security after 8 minutes into the upright

position and after half a minute when it is on the sole. The drip water will not drip from the iron. Finally,

irons with the “iron vertical ‘iron curtains while they hang in place.

Tip 6: Wire or wireless?

When the old generation irons, there was a very annoying factor: the cord. Always there is the piece of

wire in the way while ironing, what is already no fun activity for many people. Therefore, the advent of

the cord was hailed by many users. A pivoting nozzle was placed at the end of the cord that holds up the

cord during ironing. The latest generation of strings is completely wireless. For ironing leave your device

briefly and you can rid your laundry in a more comfortable way. Keep in mind that wireless irons are still

more expensive than iron devices with cord!