Soon the summer and warmth of the first rays of the sun are already being felt at times. Therefore, we take advantage of good weather to get outside at every opportunity. To anticipate the return of the heat every day, it is important to equip them with sunscreen.

If you love basking in the sun, it is also important to give shade to your living spaces. The summer heat can indeed bring a host of problems such as headaches, sunburn, but also heat and annoying reflections inside the house! Fortunately, several sun protection solutions are available to fit every situation.

In the garden or the pool, you can opt for an umbrella as sunscreen handy and relatively small footprint. There are now of all sizes, all shapes, with modern and original designs. You can install it at the place you want and move it to suit your needs quite easily.

Another solution trendy but less flexible than the umbrella: the canvas. Often used in public places, restaurants, and hotels, it is entering the retail market. The stretched canvas allows original designs but needs more supports

This solar protection variant is unique because you can choose unstructured formats that sometimes recall the spirit of encampments in the desert. You can adapt to all surfaces even rough terrain thanks to independent posts. Retractable awning and easily customizable for garden terrace and balcony

Finally, the solution that saves floor space is the awning. It is fixed between two walls, the ceiling or a single wall and fits both the house terraces and balconies or terraces. Besides its non-existent footprint, this type of sun protection has the advantage of being retractable effortlessly. Leaning against your walls above a bay window, it also helps protect the inside of your house from sunlight. With an extensive choice of colors, materials, sizes and comfort options, the awning becomes a decorative element and practical to dress your outside.

Whatever your choice, it is important to call in professionals like Franciaflex that guarantees know-how 100% French, to study the best sun protection option according to your desires, your needs, your home, and decoration.

How to create a canopy

Being in the country, so often want to hide from the scorching sun or pouring rain. But not always need to do to run the house. You can continue drinking tea outside in the heat and humidity if you have a canopy. To build a simple combine quite easily by hand or you just need a cheap popup canopies for sale

You need bars or beams, plywood, nails or screws, rope, a shovel, a cane or a tarp, staple gun, hot linseed oil, diesel or creosote.


Step one

The first move is to select material for the canopy. Here there is room for imagination. You can make a simple tarpaulin. However may want to choose the path more challenging and create an original ceiling of Reed. For this purpose, it is necessary to collect on a nearby pond reeds in bulk, cut the stems and leave halos. Then stems should be dry, sprinkle a little security they fire impregnering.Nå can make a roof for shelter.

Step two

The roof needs a piece of plywood, and veneer sheets cling film. The deck cross film so that it hung down slightly in edges. Then parties edges of

Film to the back of plywood sheets using a staple pistol. Then contacts reed stalks bundles. Beam diameter should be approximately 10 cm. Then cover the rafters, placing them near each other. Reed should be strengthened with a rope. For this purpose, it is necessary to think upper hand and nail in the middle and on the edges of nails or screws to attach.

Step 3

Now remains to be done to support the canopy. Prepare for future reception pits depth of 40-50 cm. Made in advance bars or wooden sticks desired height ointment warm linseed oil, diesel or creosote. This is to prevent putrefaction. Then put them in the pit, pour gravel and pour concrete for strength solution. When the concrete hardens, fixing on top of mainstays. Beams will form a flat rectangle. To make sure your shed is not slack on top of attending the box on top of boards. It must be parallel to each other. Now parties bamboo roof.