The beautiful gazeboes and cheap tents for sale in the garden offers an excellent weather protection and can be used as a dining area, use to play or for a romantic evening. When eBay different models of garden gazebo are available with a wooden frame, which is popular for their robust features. With the rain and wind protection, to provide the gazebo, the weather is a minor matter. The wood gazebos are also convincing on the natural look, which can be perfectly integrated into the garden area. If you maintain a wooden gazebo by the instructions, you will have many years pleasure from the attractive material. With eBay, you can easily purchase used a gazebo.

So the wood remains as good as new

Thus the gazebo and accommodated therein tables, chairs and benches long look attractive and not be cracked, they should be thoroughly maintained annually at least once. The wood is exposed to twelve months a year to various weather conditions and therefore needs absolute protection. The sunlight and moisture, which not only stems from the rain, but also from below penetrates into the wood, access to the natural material. It needs painting or protective oil, so as not to crack or early to weather. For the oil to penetrate well into the wood, the pillars and walls of the gazebo should be thickly coated with it.

Often, the gazebo are equipped with a wooden frame and a wooden roof, which is covered with an additional roofing felt or shingles. This roofing is relatively insensitive, so it should be deleted or filed only on the lower side timber. Many other wooden gazeboes are equipped with tarpaulins or a fabric roof. These textiles should not overwinter outdoors, to prevent mold and mildew stains possible. An alternative to clearing away is the thorough cleaning and subsequent impregnation of textiles.

Overwinter gazebo Textiles

The right place for the accommodation of the textile fabric of the gazebo is a bare room. Thus, the materials get dusty or dirty unnecessarily. They should be protected with old sheets or blankets. A film is less suitable for covering since it does not provide sufficient air circulation. If the textiles cleaned and have well protected through the winter, they see in the spring when they are reattached to the gazebo, like new.

The cleaning of textile coverings

Not only wooden gazebos, gazebo but also with the aluminum frame are often covered with fabric. The textile materials increase the decorative value and provide a characteristic appearance. Especially with exotic designs, textiles are much more attractive than films or plastic covers. Thus, the substances remain attractive. They should be washed now and then. Depending on the size, the bathtub right place for this procedure. It is filled with lukewarm water and a little soap before the substance is likely inside. Stains can be removed with a sponge or soft cloth, but without exerting too much pressure or rub with excessive force. The impregnation layer may be during cleaning not solve, so aggressive agents should never be used. After cleaning in the bath, the fabric for drying is best attached directly on the gazebo. First, however, it should be ensured that the frame has also been cleaned so that the substance is not contaminated again. Otherwise, the cover can also be on the grass, on the clothesline or the patio stones dry. Thus the material long remains fresh and clean. It makes sense to use a spray to impregnate.

The representative garden

The various gazebo offered on eBay are a great inspiration for the design of the outdoor facilities. With other products for garden & terrace, you can set up the garden to your taste and decorate. A Wooden gazebo can perfectly with furniture from the same cloth, the supplement also exist diverse decorative elements matching the gazebo and other amenities. A representative garden can be designed generously and straight, exotic or playful, but also cozy and idyllic. The gazebo of wood is a natural and harmonious interior is possible, which proves style.

A decorative gazebo exerts its effect depending on the location. Therefore, the gazebo should be selected so that they have sufficient space available to be unconstrained. Finally, they should not be an obstacle, but a pleasant place to relax, which can be used any time of day. Ultimately, it is in a gazebo not only to the practical use as rain protection but also to the effect is related to the design, the equipment, and the positioning.

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